Added security against ram raid attacks

An ATM packed full of cash can be a tempting sight for thieves looking for a lucrative target. Despite the many security features installed inside ATMs, little can be done to prevent attacks that use vehicles and other ram raid methods to prise machines out of the wall without adding additional external protection.

There have been several stories in the media recently about thieves using vehicles, such as forklift trucks, diggers, and vans, to carry out ram raids on ATMs and their contents. Only last month, a gang used a forklift truck to steal an ATM machine from outside a Halifax bank in Doncaster. The external wall was demolished and the forklift left abandoned at the crime scene.

This story raises the question of how to ensure adequate external protection measures for ATMs, safes and other valuable equipment and resources. In locations where ATM machines could be vulnerable to similar attacks, the installation of heavy-duty, large steel bollards can slow down or even completely deter would-be thieves.

This simple addition stops thieves from being able to use their forklift, van or other vehicles to break out the machine, as it would be stopped in its tracks, well before it reached the wall. Anti-ram raid bollards, or K-rated bollards, are specially designed to withstand high-impact crashes, collisions, and impacts. They come in different sizes and heights, offering varying levels of protection as each individual scenario requires.

Powerful peace of mind

At Fastline Services, our heavy-duty steel anti ram raid carpark bollards are quick and easy to install and designed to fit in with their surroundings while adding optimum high-impact protection. We can advise you on the number and size to purchase, as well as the best locations to place them to prevent vehicle attacks from all angles. They offer peace of mind to banks, building societies and civic amenities across the UK, as well as to the general public.

Our powerful bollards can also provide valuable reassurance and high impact security measures for places that could be vulnerable to ram raid style attacks for other reasons, such as attempted acts of terrorism. Just the sight of a row of no-nonsense, high-impact steel bollards next to a building or public amenity will greatly reassure visiting tourists and residents alike and will act as an effective deterrent to that intent on causing harm or mass panic.

External security for ATM machines and increased protection for areas vulnerable to mass public attacks is, sadly, becoming more and more of a necessity. Sometimes, it is the simplest ideas that are the most effective. Adding a row of sturdy anti ram raid bollards will go a long way to protecting valuable assets and deterring attackers from even contemplating a theft or demolition with a forklift or vehicle.


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