Barrier Protection

Choosing The Right Barrier Protection System

The number of scenarios requiring an effective security barrier system is almost endless when you consider the worlds of crime prevention, asset protection, crowd control and vehicle and pedestrian segregation. Luckily, there are all kinds of different types of barriers, railings and bollards available on the market today that can meet these diverse requirements precisely, with bespoke solutions that can be fully personalised and integrated into the desired location for long-term durability and performance. Here are a few of the more popular options.

Crash barrier systems

Crash barriers have a wide range of uses, from loading bays, factories and warehouses to roadsides, playgrounds and sports centres. Primarily, they are aimed at safeguarding people’s wellbeing in a workplace or public area by acting as an extra layer of protection against crashes, collisions and attempted attacks. They can also be used to divide areas to separate pedestrians and forklift trucks, for example, or to prevent spectators at a sports match from invading the pitch or accessing restricted areas.

Pedestrian barriers

Just like crash barriers, these flexible protection systems help segregate pedestrians from moving vehicles, restricted areas and places where they may be in greater danger of being involved in an accident or collision. Some examples might include around roadworks or at outdoor sporting or music events. Pedestrian barriers have the huge advantage of being extremely flexible in their link connection modular design, which allows almost any configuration, size and length to be installed. They are strong and durable too, and easy to personalise with colours, logos, reflective strips and designs.

Armco barriers

These corrugated iron beam crash barriers are hugely effective in protecting people, assets and machinery from low-impact, low speed crashes and collisions, making them ideal for warehouses and loading bays where vehicles are not moving at huge speeds. Armco barriers are extremely strong and easy to install, as they are attached to a concreted or bolted-in post and can be measured and sized to fit the desired location precisely. Their galvanised zinc coating prevents rust and ensures a long service life.

Key clamp system

A series of steel pipes are clamped firmly together to make up this bespoke protection system that can be built on site to protect machinery, vehicles and other assets without taking up lots of room or blocking out the light. They can also be used as handrails and boundary marking systems to keep pedestrians safe and away from dangers like moving vehicles. Painted in bright colours, key clamp system is an excellent aid for any visually impaired workers or visitors wishing to move about the site.


Finally, bollards are a familiar sight to anyone used to visiting towns, shopping areas, workplaces, leisure centres and so on. Designed to increase security, bollards come in all shapes and sizes for maximum versatility. They contain a shock-absorbing core to reduce impacts of any collisions or attacks and can be used to effectively protect

people, buildings, ATM machines, shop fronts and commercial assets alike. You can order retractable bollards for locations where authorised vehicles or people need to have access or choose static versions for a more permanent solution. Fixed and retractable bollards can also act to reduce the impact of collisions, for example in car parks, warehouses and playgrounds.


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