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Creating a Welcoming Entrance To Your Hotel

There are thousands of hotels to choose from across the UK, so how do you make sure yours makes the right first impression? The answer is all about the impact. Grab your guests’ attention as soon as they arrive and make them feel confident that they are going to be very well looked after.

Car park convenience

Most hotels will see the majority of their guests arrive by car. These guests will have one question on their minds when they get to you: where can they park? Top parking priorities will be safety, proximity and convenience. Can you offer covered parking? This will be especially welcome if the weather is inclement. If the car park must be outdoors, is it close to the hotel for people to bring luggage in easily?

Are the parking spaces wide enough and laid out for easy manoeuvring as people come and go? Make sure the lines are highly visible and durable so that your guests know exactly where to park and how much room they have. Is the car park well lit? Properly signposted?

Pedestrian safety

Make sure there are well-marked designated pedestrian walkways outside your hotel, especially close to the car park. Add railings if necessary, but these should be both safe and aesthetically pleasing, so as not to detract from the positive impact of an attractive hotel entrance. Don’t forget to cater for your guests who may have disabilities – provide ramps where required and make sure any signage is clear and well-lit to help guide anyone who is visually impaired.

Deliveries and trade traffic

Busy hotels receive numerous deliveries a day, not to mention visits from external suppliers such as laundry services providers and equipment hire companies. To keep these deliveries separate from your guests’ arrivals, you need to designate a separate parking area. Again, this must be well-signed and lit with visible parking and directional lines and arrows on the ground and railings to separate pedestrians from lorries that are moving and turning.


Think about how your guests will be welcomed when they enter the hotel building. What kind of door will suit your needs – a highly decorated heavy wooden door or a modern, clear glass revolving one? Will, you just have a reception area or do you have space for a lobby as well? How should it be decorated to suit your hotel’s theme, geographical location and type of clientele?

More importantly, what are the escape routes in case of emergencies, and are these adequately signposted? Make sure these are not blocked and that fire doors are fit for purpose and easily accessible. Install directional arrows on the walls and by the staircases and lifts to help people find their way out quickly and easily in an emergency.

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