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Get your school ready for the new academic year

As the summer draws to a close, schools across the UK are returning to work to start the new academic year. However, it’s not just the pupils’ uniforms and the teacher’s stationery cupboards that need to be updated. Playgrounds, storage areas, ground markings and car parks also need attention to keep everyone safe and everything working as it should. Here is a handful of the services that Fastline Services can offer:


It is very important to have safe playground surfaces to prevent children from tripping or falling over when they are running about. Look out for cracks, potholes and raised areas that could have been exacerbated by the weather – a summer that has seen combinations of blazing temperatures and heavy rainfall could well have resulted in playground repairs needing to be made and surfaces reapplying. Check that any lines and marking on the ground are still visible, including netball courts, Snakes and Ladders boards, hopscotch grids and similar.

Sports Pitches

As with playgrounds, sports grounds must be checked for damage, as the summer sun could have caused cracks to appear. Ask a turf expert to assess your grass and suggest an autumn and winter care plan. Other pitch surfaces such as concrete or Astroturf need to be assessed as well, ahead of the start of the busy football and rugby seasons. Don’t forget to check the lines around the athletics track too, ready for winter training. These can be reapplied quickly and easily, ready for another year of use.

Car parks

Car parks can be dangerous places with young children and cars moving about at the same time. Having adequate warning signs, directional arrows, pedestrian walkways and parking spaces laid out will go a long way towards keeping everyone safe. These must be highly visible and durable to withstand the harsher conditions of winter, so take the time now to get them assessed and reapplied professionally as required.


Just as in a busy warehouse, an organised school stockroom will serve everyone much more effectively than a messy, badly-used space. Take advantage of the children not being underfoot to rearrange your storerooms before the school years starts. Put the things you will need to access more regularly in front of items that are not used quite so often. You might like to invest in some upgraded storage systems, shelving and protection barriers to keep stores safe and to help prevent any injuries to staff, or any children who find their way inside. Warning signs will also help keep curious little eyes and hands away.

Around school

Ensuring you have the right signage to help people find their way around the school is not only a courtesy for new pupils and staff, but it is also a necessity for fire safety reasons. Signs such as exit routes, fire doors, fire drill assembly points etc. should be highly visible and in good repair, so they can be easily followed in an emergency. Other signs showing the way to places like classrooms, laboratories, the staff room and canteen are essential courtesies that make everyone’s lives much easier at this time of year.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your school’s signage, storage facilities, parking or sports pitch and playground markings, get in touch with us for a free initial assessment.

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