Solutions to repair and rejuvenate concrete flooring

Damage and ware often occurs on large scale concrete slabs within logistics and warehouse facilities. Even when the best preparation and care has been taken during instillation, deficiencies and damage can arise especially when we are dealing with high traffic areas used by pedestrians and machinery.

If the affected area doesn’t receive attention when the issue is spotted, the damage can spread across the concrete slab reasonably quickly, this in turn can undermine the safety and compromise the workflow across the facility. Well executed repairs to damaged surfaces are cost effective and can minimise an escalating repair bill in the future.

We work hard and plan ahead to assist with any concerns that may exist with down time too activity within a logistics or warehouse facility. Prolonging the overall life expectancy of a concrete floor.

Remove the deficiency to improve the efficiency

Concrete floor repair is a relatively unrecognised part of keeping a fully operation logistics and warehouse facilities, but well placed maintenance programs can save lost product, damage to machinery and injured pedestrians and the possibility of increased downtime. Even a small crack represents a serious problem in terms of safety, especially when it comes to logistics and warehouse facilities with high traffic volumes.

Unfortunately it’s a fact that floors that are subject to heavy loads will sustain damage during there life cycle, it’s important to keep on top of  floor repairs to avoid significant damage & disruption to important parts of your operation.

If the smallest of damage is overlooked and is not part of your planned maintenance, the damaged area can become severe, causing costly, problems down the line, therefore it’s essential that even relatively minor floor damage is repaired in order to avoid damage and disruption.

Prolong life expectancy, Prevent significant downtime

A well maintained concrete floor and a pro-active approach to preventative floor maintenance can improve long term operational performance.

We can carry out structural engineers reports and provide core sampling services for testing slab strength, causes of problems for every scenario and specify the correct specialist repair for the job. We are able to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently using a variety of materials for a range applications and repair requirements. We use the latest technology and rapid repairs to ensure minimum disruption and downtime getting the site operation same day, depending upon the type of repair and the ambient temperature of the working area, we could have the area usable within 1-2hrs.

More than a Flooring Contractor

Knowledge and Experience

Over 20 years of experience helping companies working in the logistics and warehousing sectors says it all. We know our stuff and we’re proud of that.

Approaching each and everyone of our clients projects with the same ethos, ‘knowing what it takes to keep things running smooth’. Meaning we use the latest technology, we don’t cut corners. Being the preferred supplier of some big brand organisations to deliver contracts you can rest assured our team provide the best service possible.

We are fully committed to site safety and work with a team of 16 health and safety specialists covering every aspect of site safety, we are also accredited with  Quality ISO9001 and Environment ISO 14001 accreditations.

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