warehouse safety barriers

How safety barriers can increase productivity

Installing a suitable barrier protection system in a busy warehouse or factory makes perfect sense when it comes to ensuring safety on site and complying with HSE guidelines. However, have you ever stopped to think about the other benefits it can bring to your company in terms of profitability? While the initial investment may eat into your budget in the short term, the savings it can bring, and the profit it can inspire will soon make that original commitment more than worthwhile.

Time is money

It is all too familiar a scenario to business owners that accidents and injuries in the workplace not only cause untold physical and mental distress to those involved, but it also affects the bottom line in terms of business interruption, time spent on enquiries and assessments after the event and money spent on safety upgrades that often should have been made long before. Installing flexible, yet durable safety barriers to separate personnel from equipment and moving vehicles, and partitions that protect valuable stock from theft or damage can make a huge difference to the balance sheet in the long run.

First impressions

A great way to impress both existing and potential clients is to show them the investment you have made into safety in the warehouse. The overwhelming majority of people tend to be much keener to work with companies that have placed the safety of their workforce at the top of their priorities. Choosing top quality barriers and safety systems that have been properly installed and rounded off with quality, durable finishes will look great for years and will inspire confidence in people to award, renew or increase all kinds of valuable contracts with your company.

Employee confidence

Employees who know for sure that their managers have their safety and best interests at heart will be more loyal to the company and willing to work harder to meet their targets on time. Wise managers know the advantages of having staff on the payroll who have longer-term experience and who retain enthusiasm and affection for the company they work for. Something as simple as a proper pedestrian barrier system to protect staff from moving vehicles, or partitions to prevent falling stock or equipment from injuring nearby workers will instil confidence in staff and pride in the measures their company is taking to ensure a safe and happy working atmosphere.

Low maintenance

While initial installation may cause a temporary, slight disruption, good quality safety barriers will be designed with low maintenance in mind. Many companies also offer after-sales support and help with future maintenance and upgrades. Replacing old barriers will also have the added benefits of losing any unsightly scratches, dents and rips in the fixings to make the warehouse look smart once more. Many systems are designed specifically to absorb forces on impact and fully withstand minor damage, making ongoing repair commitments even easier to manage

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