How to manage the sales season

When the ‘January sales’ posters go up in the shops (which is normally around the beginning of December these days…), the general public spring into action to see what bargains can be gained. However, for warehouse managers, the arrival of the sales comes after months of pre-planning have been completed, in order to ensure that the warehouse operations run safely and that the supply chain doesn’t collapse at a critical moment. The pressure is certainly on when seasonal sales and price promotions hit the high street, but here are some areas to consider to ensure optimum safety in the warehouse, even during all the sales madness.

Equipment overhaul

While any major equipment repair or updating work should be completed well in advance of a busy sales period, your warehouse machinery should still be exposed to regular checks and tests to make sure it is working properly and will not cause any accidents or injuries. As the pace speeds up during busy times, potential faults in equipment could be missed in the rush to fulfil orders.

Lights and lines

Ensuring that your warehouse is well lit is always important, but during busy times when people are moving at speed, or you are employing extra, temporary staff, it is crucial. Likewise, making sure that your warning signs and floor lines are fully visible is key to help people know how to move about safely and where they need to be extra vigilant. Clear line marking helps differentiate between pedestrian areas and spaces where forklifts and other vehicles or machinery might be operating. Is it time for a review of your warehouse line markings and warning systems?

No more slips or trips

Preventing slips and trips will keep people safe and avoid costly interruptions to the supply chain. Simple safety measures can make all the difference. Examples could include adding handrails to walkways or installing diamond plate or rubber flooring in higher traffic areas to improve grip underfoot. Watch for trailing wires or teetering piles of pallets or boxes too. These things are easily overlooked in a busy period, but they could make a huge difference to the safety of your workers and the size of your profit margins.

Protect your assets

Looking after the contents of your warehouse should certainly be a priority. From pallets of valuable stock and shelving units to forklifts, cranes and industrial machinery. Consider investing in asset protection systems, such as mesh partitioning, racking protection, shock-absorbers or wheel stops for added reassurance and better-protected stock.

Risk assessment

Finally, keep all risk assessments up to date. The busier period of a seasonal sale or price promotion will bring with it its own set of risks that could not be quite so relevant at quieter times. Take the opportunity of an approaching sale to refresh your line markings, floor coating options, asset protection solutions and health and safety measures.


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