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Summer Maintenance Tips For Surfaces and Warehouses

The UK might not be known for its sizzling hot summers, so when we do get a glimpse of the sun, it is a welcome sight for many. However, in the warehouse, temperatures can soar and the hotter temperatures can cause problems if they are not handled correctly. Likewise, many exterior surfaces such as roads, car parks and sports pitches can suffer in the summer heat if they are not cared for in the right way. Here are some seasonal tips bough to you by Fastline Services to help your warehouses, car parks, roads and surfaces get through the next few months.

Keep cool in the warehouse

Keeping temperatures as low as possible inside warehouses will help keep employees cooler, happier and safer at work, which is the most important consideration for any warehouse manager. However, it also has advantages around protecting stock and preventing surface damage. There are many ways to keep things cool inside the warehouse. Installing decent insulation not only keeps heat in over the winter but also stops cooler air from escaping in warmer months. Using fans to keep the air moving will help with employee productivity. Painting the ceiling and walls white can also help keep things cool as lighter colour reflect sun rays and stop their heat from being absorbed into the air. Make sure there is easy access to water at all times for everyone on the premises.

Care for your car parks

Blazing hot sun beating down for hours at a time on your car park can cause damage, thanks to the heat and UV rays causing degradation to lines and directional arrows, softening of the materials used and cracks on the ground. Take time to conduct an assessment of your car park and note the areas needing attention. Potholes, cracks and areas that are peeling away from the surface could cause users to have an accident and faded or damaged lines and arrows can cause confusion that could lead to collisions, disagreements over parking zones and enhanced risks to pedestrians trying to navigate their way safely across. So, get any surface problems fixed and book an appointment now to check your lines, arrows and warning signage – and reapply them if necessary.

Roads and pathways

As with car parks, ensuring that UV degradation doesn’t affect line markings on the roads around your site is crucial for both drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety. Checking that there are no potholes, cracks or collision hazards is also vital, especially as people may find it harder to concentrate at the wheel during very hot weather, so the surfaces must be as smooth and easy to negotiate as possible. Clear any spills straight away from deliveries and work out a timetable to allow any repairs to be done at quieter times to minimise business disruption.

Summer hotspots

As the schools break up for summer, newly-freed children and their families will doubtless descend upon favourite leisure spots, such as sports centres, running tracks, pitches, parks and playgrounds. Make sure you are ready for the onslaught

with an early summer maintenance check, looking for any damage, cracks or peeling areas that could cause a running child to trip over or a pushchair to encounter problems getting by. Again, UV rays can cause track, pitch and playground markings to fade, so check whether you need to refresh them to ensure that they last all summer long

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