Why it’s important to get your warehouse lines just right

What with all the demands on your time as a warehouse owner or health and safety manager, it can be difficult to keep your eye on everything at once. However, making sure your warehouse or storage facility is adequately marked out for optimum safety and logistical success is something that you should be prioritising. Such a seemingly simple task can make all the difference to these key areas:

Health and safety

Clearly, having the right lines, signs, lighting and warnings is of paramount importance to keep your workforce safe. In a busy warehouse environment, it’s not always easy to see other workers moving about, or where a moving forklift might be aiming for. Then, there is hazardous machinery to take even more care around and high-traffic areas, such as loading bays where there are many health and safety aspects to consider. Adding the right lines and signs will help keep people safe within their correct working areas and reduce the risk of collisions, injuries, and other accidents.

Improved logistics

When your workforce knows where to go and what hazards they may face during their daily routines, logistics improve exponentially. Without having to worry about unexpected vehicles looming into view, or which direction they are expected to move when picking or loading goods, for example, people are free to concentrate on their work. Likewise, clearly marked exit and entrance routes allow an improved flow of pedestrians around the site and will also help visitors who are unfamiliar with your premises to get to where they need to be safely and efficiently.

Cost savings

As devastating as accidents and injuries are to those affected, it is also an unavoidable fact that they cost companies money too. Downtime caused by workers needing time off to recover from an injury, or by external accident investigations taking over a workplace, can cause significant business interruption and financial loss. Even more so if lawyers or insurance assessors become involved on either side. Damaged vehicles, racking, equipment and stock can also add a large monetary penalty to a warehouse’s bottom line. Investing in adequate line marking, however, will help prevent such unexpected costs. The initial financial outlay is more than justified when you take into account the financial consequences of an accident at work.

Happier workforce

A safe workforce is a happy workforce, as people feel far more comfortable at work if they trust their employers have ‘got their backs.’ Proper line marking and safety protection measures will make people feel more valued and can help improve employee retention and reported levels of satisfaction. A reputation for providing a safe place to work will benefit an organisation hugely, both in terms of attracting and retaining skilled staff, but also to appeal to potential customers looking for ethical partners and suppliers with whom to work and trade.

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