Lining up the right bollards

Bollards are a highly flexible way to protect property, prevent unlawful entry and safeguard employees, suppliers and visitors to your site. They act as a visual and physical; barrier to entry and can be used to control traffic, prevent ram-raiding attacks and moor boats – in other words, they are extremely versatile in their possible uses.

There are different types of bollards that each work well in certain situations. They can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you should seek professional advice to ensure you secure the right protective bollard system for your needs. As well as their visual appeal, you should also assess their impact protection properties, resilience to damage from external factors such as adverse weather, different types of pollution and corrosion from sea air, for example. In addition, you must decide on which bollard system is best suited for your access needs – will they be a permanent fixture, or will you need to raise, lower or remove them for vehicular access? How easy will they be to repair after a high-impact collision, vandalism or other forms of attack?

Here are three popular types of bollards and what they can be used for.

Flexcore bollards

Flexcore bollards offer excellent protection against collisions and crashes, making them ideal for placement around warehouses, factories and industrial sites. They can also offer strong protection in areas where the public must be protected from the possibility of vehicle collisions. They are highly durable, due to an inner steel core being contained with a shock-absorbing sleeve of strong polyurethane. Flexcore bollards can withstand repeated impacts from sudden collisions, with the energy from the impact directed towards the steel core for maximum protection. They can also protect the floor around them from harm and come in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Deflector posts

These advanced technology bollards also work well against the impact of collisions and shocks. They have been designed to lift and roll as the impact happens to spread the energy and reduce the damage through advanced ‘rock and spin’ capabilities. They can easily see off glancing blows from vehicles and machines inside the warehouse and help keep both assets, such as machinery, stock etc., and people away from harm. They work well in areas where there are lots of pedestrians working or moving about the site. They also come in all sorts of colours to match existing branding and warehouse design.

Metal bollards

Metal bollards are practical, reliable and simple to install. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and are excellent at deflecting collisions and impacts. Metal bollards can be fixes permanently or can be retractable, allowing easy vehicular access for those authorised to pass and tough, durable security against those you wish to keep at a distance. They are regularly used in car parks for easy identification of reserved parking spaces, as well as to guide pedestrians along designated walkways and away from moving vehicles. They can be added to with

chains, signs and other accessories to provide a truly bespoke protection system that is easy to maintain and lasts for years.

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